Akito Anti Mosquito Patch

Akito Big Pack


Mosquito Repellent Sticker Can be anywhere. No need to touch skin. Does not cause allergic reactions The skin is not sticky or irritating, but it is suitable for everyone in the family is made of natural. Free of chemical substances active ingredient to kill mosquitoes of the plate is Citronella oil (citron oil), a natural extract. Safe from chemical active for up to 12 hours / sheet is not harmful to humans and the environment.


Sticker AKITO mosquito repackag value pack

  • 100% natural extracts
  •  Use to catch up Without skin contact.
  • Safe from chemicals and DEET.
  • Natural extracts of Citronella can be used with newborn babies and all ages.
  • Activate 12 hours / sheet
  • Can be put on clothes or furniture.
  • 10 bag (1 bag, 12 pieces)
  • Imported from China

Preservation method

  • Keep out of reach of children.


  • Can attach more than one sheet when needed.

WARNING: Do not eat.


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